Release movement restrictions and re-balance your body through neuromuscular therapy, corrective exercise and and GYROTONIC® Movement. 

A Body In Balance Stays In Balance When You Move In Balance

You don’t have to just “manage” chronic aches and pains.

I help you re-balance your body structure through bodywork & balanced movement

So you can move without pain and be at your best in your daily life.

I offer strategic virtual and in-person bodywork, corrective exercise, and Gyrotonic Movement to help you address conditions like:


  • Lower back pain
  • Neck and Shoulder Pain
  • Sciatic Pain
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Pre/Post Op for hip and knee replacement
  • Spinal Issues
  • Scoliosis
  • Pain related to your Golf Swing
  • And many other complex neuromuscular conditions…

My Specializations

Structural Bodywork and Neuromuscular Therapy

I utilize cranio-sacral therapy, trigger point therapy, myofascial release and neuromuscular therapy techniques to release muscle tension movement patterning to restore your body to balance. 

Online Corrective Exercise Protocols

I developed The Core C.A.R.E Corrective Exercise Program to give you simple exercises that you can do on a daily basis to relieve chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain and restore the active lifestyle that feeds your soul and supports your life.

The Gyrotonic Movement System

The Gyrotonic Movement System is a holistic movement system that will help you embody your fullest potential for healing through movement.  The system is made up of a series of exercises to develop spinal alignment and stability, relieve the postural patterns that cause back, neck and shoulder pain and restore fluid, resilient range of motion to the body.

I Integrate all of these tools to support you to move, perform and feel at your best!

I offer virtual and in-person private coaching and bodywork integrating these tools to help you reach your health goals and improve your movement in Golf, Tennis and other sports.

Find your balance, energy & a new approach to conscious movement.

About Me

I began my career in health and wellness in the culinary world, graduating with a degree in culinary arts from the Art Institute of Atlanta in  1999.  I worked as a banquet chef at a private club in the Atlanta area for several years until I got burned out by the stressful lifestyle and decided to slow down and be more present in my life on a spiritual, emotional, and physical level by developing a yoga practice.

I quickly shifted my career path from food service to health and wellness and decided to shift from food service to managing a supplement store and pursue a Yoga Alliance Teacher Certification in the summer of 2003 at Peachtree Yoga Center in Atlanta, GA.     In 2004 I  led a “therapeutic yoga” workshop series at a physical therapy studio which also offered The Gyrotonic Expansion  System.    I decided to get certified in Gyrotonic Expansion System as an extension of my yoga training in 2004.

In the fall of 2006, I moved to New York to deepen my understanding of the Gyrotonic System with one of the founding master trainers in the system. During my time at  Gyrotonic New York, I took a number of specialized trainings, including Gyrotonic Applications for Golf and the Gyrotonic  Pre- and Post- Natal course and I studied extensively therapeutic applications of the Gyrotonic Method.  I  was honored to be certified in Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis by creator Juliu Horvath.

I moved back to Atlanta in 2008 and I have developed my practice to focus on helping my clients to get to develop sustainable movement practices for life long movement and longevity. In 2013 I became a licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Neuromuscular Therapist to further this goal and help my clients restore their bodies and create a practice to promote pain-free movement. 

In my spare time, I love spending time with my family, kayaking on the Chattahoochee River, golfing.  ..and of course cooking!

Learn About My Gyrotonic Based Golf Fitness Training 


Individualized Coaching and Movement Solutions to address chronic pain and promote daily well being, and improve your golf swing. 

Client Success 

Has your golf pro ever told you how to improve your swing, your mind understood, but your body was not able to do it? David Kirschbaum can help that. David understands the golf swing, but he also knows what your muscles need to be able to do to execute the swing. Whether it is flexibility, strength, balance, coordination or all of them, David can work with you so that your body will be able to do what your golf pro instructs you to do.

–Jim H

“Five years ago, I developed chronic neck and shoulder blade pain.  At my age, I decided surgery wasn’t an option. I tried yoga, pilates, dry needling, countless rounds of physical therapy, epidurals, and while it all helped, it didn’t get me where I needed to be.

That’s went I met David from Gyrotonic Fit about 13 months ago. He is truly a miracle worker. After 5 years of searching, I have finally reached a point where I feel in control of my pain and have a daily routine that allows me to function at 100%. I am virtually pain-free. David’s integrated approach of neuromuscular therapy, myofascial release massage, and Gyrotonic is unique and effective. His knowledge of the body and how it all connects is unparalleled to any other treatment I have received.

I recommend David to anyone searching for stress relief, chronic pain management, or to heal certain injuries as an option before surgery. I will continue to go to him indefinitely.

– Spencer B

I have had “severe” scoliosis since I was 14. During my time with Dawn and David, I worked through getting more flexible, learning I could/would have major corrective surgery, preparing for the surgery (mind, body, and spirit), and then partnering with them for a miraculous recovery. That recovery was optimized because of their knowledge, skills, compassion, and belief in the power of Embodiment.

-Nancy V


David has made a huge difference in my ability to deal with a bad back. Gyrotonic movement is like yoga on an apparatus, a gentle and fluid approach to fitness that has helped me relieve my back pain on a daily basis.

-Leslie H

What David has brought to my physical well being goes beyond what formal Gyrotonic can do. His mastery of yoga, cranio-sacral therapy, myofascial release in conjunction with Gyrotonic has been nothing short of amazing.
 Whether you are looking for improved performance in an athletic setting, flexibility or just simply pain relief, David can get you there.
As someone who really knows what scientifically has been proven to work, I am happy to recommend David and his many skills. Your body and psyche will thank you immensely if you start seeing him.

-Randy S, MD

My Practice


Northwest Corner/Cumberland/East Cobb Area of Metro Atlanta, GA 30339

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